Community engagement

We are committed to building and maintaining constructive, lasting relationships with our host communities and other local stakeholders. We consider two elements when dealing with society: our impact on our host communities and wider society; and risks to our business from societal expectations and the political landscape. To help us consistently measure and report on our socioeconomic contributions, we have developed a socioeconomic contribution scorecard.

Creating value

Our aim is to minimise dependency on our operations, and promote healthy, sustainable communities with diversified and resilient local economies. This is particularly important as changing market conditions may continue to affect our business

Our corporate policies

Our Group policies detail our management processes and procedures, which are integrated into corporate decision-making processes. These include our NIE Management Framework, Risk Management Framework and NIE Assurance Policy, as well as specific policies for each material NIE topic.

This framework is supported at asset level by operational policies, created for the specific needs of individual assets, with compliance determined by performance monitoring and assurance.


Sustainability teams: guidance, implementation and assurance

Our larger assets have individual sustainability teams; along with departmental teams, they are responsible for implementing Group policies at their operations and ensuring that we achieve our sustainability goals. They manage the sustainability risks specific to their commodities or regions, and deliver department-level NIE assurance.

Our progress

What we have achieved so far, what we have committed to, and what our targets are for the future: Including our key sustainability performance indicators for the past three years, and our targets for the short and medium term. As part of our commitment to demonstrating and acting upon our responsibilities to the environment and to society, we have signed up to many international and industry initiatives.

Spreading understanding of our products

We work continuously with experts, industry consortia and our peers to study the properties and impacts of our products throughout their lifecycles. This helps us to check that our products conform to international standards and to control any risk to the environment or human health. This focus on healthy workplaces is in line with our new health strategy. We share with regulators what we know about the impact of our products throughout their lifecycles. This includes ongoing engagement with regulators around the world on climate change legislation as well as occupational health and safety regulations and environmental legislation.